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Dresden Staatliche Studienakademie
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Cooperative research and development for more than 25 years

For Berufsakademie Sachsen, research means generating innovative concepts, strategies and technologies in cooperation with practice partners from the three areas of economy, technology and social and health management.

For more than 25 years, BA Sachsen has been engaged in cooperative research and development work. Intensive, individual mentoring of our students in modern laboratories, computer pools and counseling have yielded Diplom and Bachelor’s theses that are cornerstones for applied research and sustainable knowledge transfer.

Moreover, Berufsakademie Sachsen actively participates in professional and scientific networks, provides technology-oriented services and regularly organizes conferences and congresses.

List of publications at Berufsakademie Sachsen

Since 2017, Berufsakademie Sachsen has published its own scientific journal. In "Wissen im Markt" (Knowledge in the Market), staff members and practice partners can publish their practical research findings. Furthermore, "Wissen im Markt" provides a platform for our graduates to briefly present outstanding Bachelor’s theses.


Our objective is to build and develop a cooperation network for sponsors and friends of Berufsakademie Sachsen from the areas of economy, politics and culture. In 2018, AG Wissens- und Technologietransfer(AG WTT) – The Working Group on Knowledge and Technology Transfer -, therefore worked out a research concept, which was evaluated positively by the Principals’ Conference in 2018. For 2019, several steps have been planned to better coordinate already existing research interests across all our locations, thus expanding our activities in the area of applied research.

Members of AG Wissens- und Technologietransfer (AG WTT)

Prof. Dr. Roy Fritzsche


Location Glauchau

Phone +49 (0)3763/173-454
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Room 505

Prof.Dr.-Ing. habil. Daniela Nickel

Lecturer for Industrial Production

Location Glauchau

Phone +49 (0)3763/173-131
Email Write e-mail
Room 208
Foto von Prof. Dr. Barbe Rentsch

Prof. Dr. Barbe Rentsch


Location Riesa

Phone +49 (0)3525 707-645
Fax +49 (0)3525 733-613
Email Write e-mail
Room 1.301

Prof. Dr. rer. pol. Steffen Greiffenberg


Location Dresden

Phone +49 (0)351 44722-702
Fax +49 (0)351 44722-299
Email Write e-mail
Room 2.314

Prof. Dr. Juliane Fuchs

Head of Degree Program "Trade and International Management"

Location Plauen

Phone +49 (0)3741/5709 - 121
Fax +49 (0)3741/5709 - 129
Email Write e-mail
Room A.1.19
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Prof. Dr. Falk Tennert


Location Breitenbrunn

Phone +49 (0)37756 / 70-355
Fax +49 (0)37756 / 70-2115
Email Write e-mail
Room 217

Prof. Dr. Ralf Guckel


Location Leipzig

Phone +49 (0)341 42743-408
Fax +49 (0)341 42743-331
Email Write e-mail
Room 207

Professor Dr. Andreas Bühn

Head of Degree Program "Public Management"

Location Bautzen

Phone +49 (0)3591 353-128
Email Write e-mail
Room 128
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Professor Dr.-Ing. Hendrik Globig

Location Bautzen

Phone +49 (0)3591 353-262
Email Write e-mail
Room 115


The Department of Knowledge and Technology Transfer (WTT) at the Central Office of Berufsakademie Sachsen provides support for practice partners that would like to carry out research and technology transfer projects together with professors from Berufsakademie Sachsen. This support includes advisory service concerning the planning and financing of your project as well as application issues, particularly in case of publicly funded projects. Furthermore, the WTT Department helps organize scientific, transfer-oriented conferences and congresses.

Ilona Scherm

Consultant for knowledge and technology transfer, international affairs and intercultural competence

Location Glauchau

Phone +49 (0)3763/173-135
Fax +49 (0)3763/173-181
Email Write e-mail
Office ZGS
Room 313

Transfer-oriented research

Our cooperative approach is reflected in the practical business focus of transfer-oriented research. It is sustainably implemented in the publications of our full-time and part-time lecturers, thus sharpening the profile of Berufsakademie Sachsen.


Industrie 4.0 am Beispiel der Messdaten einer realen Solaranlage. (Industry 4.0 – By the Example of the Measured Data of a Real Solar Plant

This interdisciplinary project examines the factors that influence the solar power generation in Lusatia. In terms of Industry 4.0, the project for the first time also measures internal data such as charge / discharge current, heating and efficiency.


SachsoMeter 2016

Cooperative study with the Chamber of Commerce, district of Chemnitz, about the status quo, driving forces and development prospects of the economic interdependence between industrial and service companies in the economic area of Chemnitz.


3D models in the museum development

Preservation of museum exhibits using modern 3D methods: contactless 3D scan, visualization of the 3D models (use of VR technologies etc.) and 3D printing methods (physical curing and melting processes and chemical curing processes).


Fünf Sterne für Bad Schandau. (Five Stars for Bad Schandau)

Development of a concept for the medical spa area of the hotel “Elbresidenz” at the thermal bath in Bad Schandau by students of tourism management. The project takes into account latest trends on the international spa and wellness market.


Processing method for sage extract cream

Student thesis on the „development and validation of a processing method of a sage extract cream“ for the later marketing by the Bombastus-Werke AG.


Prozessoptimierung - Vom Auftragseingang zum Produktionsstart in einer Stunde. (Process Optimization – From the Incoming Order to the Production Launch in One Hour)

Student project considering the „improvement of the information flow for standard orders in ERP systems from the incoming order to the production release“ at the Howden Turbowerke GmbH including a concept for the lead time reduction.


Students develop the product „YoGo“.

Development of the product YoGo by students of food safety as part of the idea contest TROPHELIA Deutschland 2016 with consumer tests and surveys at the 2016 innovation fair SCHAU AUF DESIGN in Plauen.

Accessibility Declaration
Studies at Berufsakademie Sachsen are co-funded through tax revenues on the basis of the budget as approved by the Saxon Parliament.