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Logo: Studieren im Markt


Berufsakademie Sachsen Standorte
Leipzig Staatliche Studienakademie
Riesa Staatliche Studienakademie
Dresden Staatliche Studienakademie
Glauchau Staatliche Studienakademie
Plauen Staatliche Studienakademie
Breitenbrunn Staatliche Studienakademie
Bautzen Staatliche Studienakademie

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Press and Communication

The Administrative Department of PR & Marketing at Berufsakademie Sachsen issues press releases, news, brochures and flyers. It is also in charge of corporate design, online and social media communication as well as the management of events at Berufsakademie Sachsen.

  • Press releases and profile texts of Berufsakademie Sachsen
  • Press images
  • Corporate design of Berufsakademie Sachsen

The corporate design of Berufsakademie Sachsen

The corporate design of Berufsakademie Sachsen – a facet of our corporate identity – is a design guideline for all communication media. It specifies the logo, corporate colors, corporate fonts, the slogan as well as basic principles of digital and print media design. This guarantees a uniform visual appearance of Berufsakademie Sachsen. The principles are kept flexible to ensure enough creative freedom for an individual appearance of different media.

Logos of Berufsakademie Sachsen

Our partners may use the logo of Berufsakademie Sachsen in web or print media. Berufsakademie Sachsen retains all rights for the use of its logo. Public use of the graphics provided for download therefore requires the express consent of Berufsakademie Sachsen. The safety clearance around the logo measures one tenth of the logo’s width.

The terms of use can be found here (PDF 153 kB).

Logo Berufsakademie Sachsen - Logo BA Sachsen - 4 farbig
Kampagnenlogo Studieren im Markt - Berufsakademie Sachsen (BA Sachsen)

Contact: Press, Media & Fairs

For media enquiries, study affairs, fairs, events etc., please contact the Department of PR & Marketing at the Central Office of Berufsakademie Sachsen.

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Studies at Berufsakademie Sachsen are co-funded through tax revenues on the basis of the budget as approved by the Saxon Parliament.