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"Future Intent-Based Networking: On the QoS Robust and Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Software Defined Networks" will be published

06. January 2022

Am 15. Januar 2022 erscheint der Sammelband „Future Intent-Based Networking: On the QoS Robust and Energy Efficient Heterogeneous Software Defined Networks” im Springer Verlag.

Internationales - Besuch aus Oberschlesien

03. November 2021

Das Interesse am Dualen Studium ist auch in den Nachbarländern groß. So war am 29. Oktober 2021 eine Delegation zu Gast an der Berufsakademie Sachsen.

Internationales - Studierende ins Ausland

09. June 2021

Das Ausland ruft - Studierende können sich für Teilstipendium PROMOS bewerben.

University Information Day also took place at Zgorelec

15. January 2020

Prof. Dr. Teresa Dierkes was heavily surrounded at the open university day in Polish Zgorzelec. Pupils and teachers from the Zgorzelec grammar schools were happy to take the opportunity ... Read here.

Thank you for the great cooperation. We wish ...

20. December 2019

... you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

(Re)appoinment of directors

27. June 2019

The directors of Berufsakademie Sachsen were awarded their certificates of reappointment by the Saxon State Ministry for Science and the Arts in Dresden.

Cooperation to secure availability of professionals in the region

25. June 2019

Chemnitz University of Technology and Berufsakademie Sachsen agreed on a closer cooperation to secure the availability of professionals and retain them in the region. This includes a more intensive collaboration in the areas of in-service academic training and the transfer between science and economy as well as society. Prof. Dr. Uwe Götze, representative of the rector and Prorector for Transfer and Further Education at Chemnitz University and Technology, and Prof. Dr. Andreas Hänsel, President of Berufsakademie Sachsen, signed the corresponding cooperation agreement in June.

Next dates

Needs-oriented qualification of academically trained specialists

Always keeping abreast with economy and society, cooperative education at Berufsakademie Sachsen has grown into a model for success and a hallmark for market-oriented and efficient studying in Saxony.

This has been achieved not least through the trusting cooperation with our practice partners, which form an essential part of the cooperative system. They require and promote the recruitment of qualified specialist and are convinced of the benefits of our cooperative and practical degree courses.

Your benefits as a practice partner:

  • In cooperation with us, you can train your young professionals according to your requirements.
  • You have an influence on the training profile and can provide ideas for new course contents.
  • You can choose your trainees. Thus, required competences and abilities like personality development, capacity for teamwork, motivation, commitment, flexibility, social competency and dedication can be individually considered with regard to the future field of work.
  • You can have current operational problems and questions analyzed in a scientific way through Bachelor’s theses.
  • Your are regularly invited to events where you can exchange information and experience with other practice partners or the academy.
  • You can send your own experts as lecturers to our seminars or to presentations thus playing an active part in the development of course contents.
  • You may actively participate in our panels where you can influence the strategic development of Berufsakademie Sachsen.


Your benefits

  • early securing and integration of high-performing young professionals
  • in-house assistance of highly-qualified specialists and executives
  • active contribution in the development of offered courses and curricula
  • Your own experts profit from knowledge transfer.
  • Current company-specific topics can be analyzed in degree theses.

What requirements do practice partners have to meet?

  • Practice partners include small and medium-sized or large economic enterprises and institutions or comparable institutions with no business context, in particular independent professions as well as social service institutions.
  • Practice partners are expected to meet all professional and personnel requirements necessary to impart defined contents during the practice phases.
  • In case not all duties and responsibilities can be covered, practice partners can co-operate with a suitable business partner (collaborative training).
  • Students must be supervised by a competent mentor who holds at least the degree pursued by the student.


Practical qualification objectives

The practical phases aim to open up the company as a holistic experience.

In compliance with the theoretical course contents, students attain technical and methodological knowledge, skills and capabilities through practical and increasingly independent work. Moreover, they develop structured acting, networked thinking and transfer skills. Our holistic learning concepts enable students to acquire professional, methodical and social competences.

In which degree programs can I qualify young professionals?

Please consult the below list for an overview of the degree programs offered at Berufsakademie Sachsen.

Please select the location, field of study or degree.


Ilona Scherm

Consultant for knowledge and technology transfer, international affairs and intercultural competence

Location Glauchau

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