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Leipzig Staatliche Studienakademie
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Our guiding principles

Cooperative. Self-determined. Equal opportunities. Sustainable. Future-proof.

1. About us

  • We are THE provider of cooperative education in the academic landscape of Saxony.
  • As a public institution of higher education we offer a large variety of accredited degree programs from the fields of technology, economy and social services and healthcare.
  • Our team consists of committed lecturers and associates from science and business.
  • We are closely associated with practice partner under the umbrella of Berufsakademie Sachsen
  • We promote a culture of mutual trust, equality and cosmopolitanism and motivate our students to take on social responsibility.
  • We engage in active dialog with the public and consider ourselves as ambassadors for the principle of cooperative education

2. Our offers 

  • scientific and practical degree programs that provide students with broad fundamental knowledge and application-oriented expertise at a high scientific level. Relying on scientific methods and practical experience, our graduates are enabled to perform tasks independently (transfer competence) and possess personal, social, communicative and digital competences.
  • shared responsibility for successful teaching and learning on the basis of interdisciplinary didactic models
  • optimal study conditions: modern campus, small study groups, individual support
  • equal opportunities for students and staff members with disabilities and chronic conditions
  • an internationally recognized degree within 6 semesters
  • a monthly remuneration
  • Our students are enabled to independently take on tasks and responsibility in different fields of activity immediately after graduation thus having best career opportunities.
  • Through an active cooperation with Berufsakademie Sachsen, practice partners are able to secure an adequate supply of reliable and qualified experts and executives.
  • access to advanced Master’s degree courses
  • professional and individual development for our lecturers and staff members

3. Our promises 

  • future-oriented development of our degree programs in line with scientific and practical requirements
  • the initiation of practice-oriented research activities
  • a reinforced practical application of scientific findings in the form of knowledge and technology transfer
  • a focus on quality concepts and the continuous and practice-oriented development of our quality management system
  • pursuing the objective of becoming an inclusive Berufsakademie Sachsen
  • an extension of our advanced training programs

4. We have a vision

Together on our way to the University of Cooperative Education.

Guidelines for a respectful studying and working place


Establishing gender equality, equal opportunities and gender sensitivity is a challenge that is to be addressed by the whole of society. Berufsakademie Sachsen, as part of society, strives to meet this challenge. In October 2019, the Board of Directors adopted the following concept and guidelines for the gender-sensitive usage of language.


Concept for the „Safeguarding and promotion of gender equality and equal opportunities“ at Berufsakademie Sachsen
zum Download (PDF 390 kB)


Guidelines for gender-sensitive usage of the German language at Berufsakademie Sachsen
zum Download (PDF 302 kB)



Prof. Dr. Sandra Zabel

Women’s Representative at Berufsakademie Sachsen

Location Sachsen

Phone + 49 (0)37756 70-359
Fax + 49 (0)37756 70-2133
Email Write e-mail
Office Breitenbrunn University of Cooperative Education
Room 113

Deputy Women's Representative

Fanny Metál

Verwaltungsangestellte / Mitarbeiterin Öffentlichkeitsarbeit

Location Dresden

Phone +49 351 44722-204
Fax +49 351 44722-299
Email Write e-mail
Room 2.217

Rosemarie Heinze

Gleichstellungs- und Frauenbeauftragte

Location Bautzen

Phone +49 3591 353-201
Email Write e-mail
Room 201

Prof. Dr. Susanne Schneider

Dozentin, Frauenbeauftragte

Location Leipzig

Phone +49 341 42743-218
Fax +49 341 42743-331
Email Write e-mail
Room 106 b

Dipl.-Ing. oec. Elke Rüprich

Laboringenieurin Rechenzentrum

Location Glauchau

Phone 03763/173-330
Email Write e-mail
Room 312
Accessibility Declaration
Studies at Berufsakademie Sachsen are co-funded through tax revenues on the basis of the budget as approved by the Saxon Parliament.