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Berufsakademie Sachsen Standorte
Leipzig Staatliche Studienakademie
Riesa Staatliche Studienakademie
Dresden Staatliche Studienakademie
Glauchau Staatliche Studienakademie
Plauen Staatliche Studienakademie
Breitenbrunn Staatliche Studienakademie
Bautzen Staatliche Studienakademie

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Cooperative degree programs at Berufsakademie Sachsen

We offer more than 40 cooperative and practice-oriented degree programs in the fields of technology, economy, social services and healthcare.

Berufsakademie Sachsen has 7 locations in:

  • Bautzen
  • Breitenbrunn
  • Dresden
  • Glauchau
  • Leipzig
  • Plauen
  • Riesa

Steps to a cooperative degree course

The following paragraphs provide information for applicants.

For a personal and individual counseling prior to, during or after studies, applicants, students or parents are encouraged to contact the respective head of the degree program at the corresponding location. Contact details can be found on our locations’ websites.

  1. training contract with a certified practice partner (contract (PDF 74 kB) (PDF 74 kB))
  2. general or subject-related university entrance qualification
  3. or an equivalent proof (recognition of equivalence by the Saxon Ministry for Sciences and Arts)
  4. or a master craftsman’s certificate
  5. or a completed vocational training combined with a passed entrance examination.
  1. Select degree program and study location
  2. Select practice partner for the respective degree program or seek support for the selection of a practice partner with the head of the degree program
  3. Send application to practice partner (by mail or email)
  4. Interview, conclude training contract
  5. Send complete application documents to the head of the degree program (incl. training contract, attested copy of university entrance qualification certificate)
  6. Allocation of study place by the State Academy (upon receipt of complete application documents)
  7. Matriculation ceremony at the State Academy, commencement of studies: Oct. 1 of the current year

First of all, applicants have to apply successfully with a certified practice partner and conclude a training contract.

Application deadlines are set by the practice partner. With a proof of your university entrance qualification you can then apply for admission at the respective State Academy. The admission application must be submitted by September 30 of the year in which you wish to commence your studies. There is no numerus clausus nor any further restrictions on admission. We do not charge tuition fees. Studies begin each year on October 1.

Applicants who have completed a vocational training but have not gained a university entrance diploma or a master craftsman’s certificate can be admitted to a degree program after passing an entrance examination (consisting of a written exam in mathematics and English and an oral interview). Berufsakademie Sachsen offers special courses designed to prepare applicants for this mandatory entrance examination and the subsequent studies.

For questions concerning the ESF „Flex“ project, please contact the heads of the degree programs at the individual locations.

Upon successful completion of the program, the Free State of Saxony awards the internationally recognized Bachelor’s degree or the expiring Diplom degree.

Our degrees include: Bachelor of Arts (B.A.), Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.), Bachelor of Engineering (B.Eng.) or the Diplom degree. Our Bachelor’s degrees are legally equivalent to Bachelor‘s degrees obtained at universities and universities of applied sciences.

Within Berufsakademie Sachsen you can transfer to a different degree program. Previously earned credits can be recognized. Please contact the head of your degree program at the corresponding location for support.

A transfer to a university is also possible if you meet the admission requirements of that institution. The recognition of credits earned at Berufsakademie Sachsen, e.g. when changing from an ongoing to another ongoing degree program, is regulated by the provisions of the university you want to change to. With a degree from Berufsakademie Sachsen (180 ECTS credits) you meet the general admission requirements for a Master’s degree program at universities and universities of applied sciences. Special admission requirements are subject to regulations of the corresponding university and have to be enquired there.


Deciding for a cooperative degree program at Berufsakademie Sachsen means:

  • opting for the fastest career start
  • studying in the market - at the highest level, together with 4,369 fellow students
  • over 40 spezialized degree programs in the fields of technology, economy and social and health
  • no tuition fees, but a  fixed monthly income in the form of a training allowance
  • short, 3-year cooperative studies with several months of practical modules
  • a possible stay abroad
  • studying in small groups with intensive support
  • very good career prospects with 10,000 practice partners
  • a placement rate higher than 90 %
  • the option to study for a Master’s degree


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Studies at Berufsakademie Sachsen are co-funded through tax revenues on the basis of the budget as approved by the Saxon Parliament.